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Scullers Invictus

Accies scullers Jon Marsden, Mark Senn, Arthur Bullard and Sonia De Munari rejoined the 25-26 club last Sunday on the Tideway. Not the age club but the time recorded to complete the 4.2 miles of Vesta Scullers’ Head. Well done to our scullers that conquered the course displaying its best conditions with only a whiff […]

Accies aWey

Accies scullers challenging London waters at Weybridge Silver Sculls last Saturday. In three singles and a wicked 2x they went all the Wey through the 3.3 Km course. Last chance for Jon Marsden, Kathy Klaka, Arthur Bullard and Sonia De Munari to race before the winter cold really starts to bite. Thank you to Weybridge […]

Accies @ Boston Marathon

Mark & Jon represent Accies at the Boston Marathon. Long day of racing for our exiting Captain Mark Senn, bringing home a victory in the IM3.1x category in ‘just’ 4 hours (4:26:14.2)… and Jon Marsden who closed this bottom-tiring race in Mas.B.1x in 3 min less than Mark. Good work boys, looking forward to next […]