Will I be able to manage the course?

Our courses are open to anyone over age 18 and we can accommodate a wide range of abilities. We do require that:

  • You can swim 50M in light clothing
  • You can understand and quickly respond to instructions given in English
  • You have a basic level of physical fitness, strength and flexibility

Each crew must move boats the short distance from the boathouse to the water. You must be comfortable lifting at least 30Kg to complete this exercise.


When are the Learn to Row course sessions?

In 2020, the courses sessions will run on:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings
  • Saturday and Sunday mornings

Each session lasts two hours. You will be given the opportunity each week to sign up for slots that you’re able to attend, and we’ll do our best to ensure you get two sessions per week.

If for some reason we’re not able to schedule you for two sessions in a week, we’ll work with you to ensure you can carry out the session at another time.


What if I miss a session?

Rowing is a team sport, and it is expected that you will attend sessions for which you are scheduled. One rower’s unexpected absence can ruin a session for the entire crew. We reserve the right to remove you from the course without compensation if you do not attend scheduled sessions.

If you are ill, or have an urgent commitment, please let the novice course organiser know as soon as possible, so a replacement can be found.


What should I wear?

Wear lightweight clothing suitable for exercise, that you don’t mind getting wet and you could swim in, if necessary. Avoid anything bulky, loose or heavy.

Shoes are not worn in the boat, though you will need to wear stable shoes, like trainers, to enable you to move the boat onto the water safely.

Wearing unsuitable clothing could be deemed a safety risk, and we reserve the right to remove you from a session if you aren’t dressed appropriately.


What is the club community like?

Oxford Accademicals is a small, friendly and community-focussed rowing club, full of keen and committed rowers from all over the world. Inclusivity is important to us, and we can accommodate a range of abilities and schedules – we understand that you have a life outside of rowing!

Because we’re smaller, you can be confident that you’ll get out on the water regularly, if that’s what you want.

Our club is run by volunteers, which means that we might be a bit more informal than other clubs. But this also means that we’re flexible – for example, if there’s high demand for outings, we’ll put on extra sessions. Or if you want to learn to cox, we’d be happy to support this.


Can you accommodate adaptive rowing?

We are a small club, and unfortunately, we are not equipped for adaptive rowing at the moment. However, you might be interested in joining City of Oxford Rowing Club’s adaptive squad.


Will I be able to join the club after the Learn to Row course?

We hope you’ll want to keep rowing after the course! After the course finishes, we aim to offer a Novice Squad over the summer months. Graduates of the Learn to Row course can join the Novice Squad, which enables them to keep rowing with the other novices until September. The Novice Squad will have access to regularly scheduled weekly outings, and ongoing coaching.

We can accommodate a wide range of abilities and do not expect you to be at peak fitness – however, if you have really struggled on the Learn to Row course it might not be suitable for you to join the Novice Squad. We’ll work with you individually if this situation arises.

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