Time flies, really. It is nearly 2 months already that our Men’s 8+ went to London for a brilliant event: the Head of the River Race.

Sunday March 11th, early morning ride from Oxford to Hammersmith, aiming for Furnival Rowing Club. There, the very friendly volunteers showed us around and directed us for their boathouses, swarmed with rowers in muddy wellies.

You can watch the whole race here and experience a bit of the buzz we had. Our cox did a brilliant job and the whole crew was pleased with the performance. Ok, we weren’t the fastest but we rowed composed, together, at a good rhythm, with a boat very well sat. Our mighty Merivale did not let us down (Ed, our equipment officer made sure our boat was in top condition for the race). Everyone kept the focus till the end. A great day, a great reward after all the hard training of the winter months, the ups and the downs of finding the balance and building a confident crew. Luckily, we used the best cox of all the rowing coxes we had in our boat and put him in the right seat: the one that has no oar.

  • Crew:
    • Cox: Adnan
    • Stroke: Art
    • 7: Argyris
    • 6: Steve
    • 5: David
    • 4: Alex
    • 3:Charlie
    • 2: Phil
    • Bow: Jon
    • Cameraman: Nick

The after race pub lunch was just neat, we’d certainly recommend the Dove for post race energy top up.

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